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Are you in the market for a mortgage but concerned your student loans are getting in the way? There are new guideline changes that could make things easier.

A recent Wells Fargo Funding News Flash had updates on programs are now available such as the removal of its policy overlay on student loan payments. wells will follow Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac.

Federal National Mortgage Association (OTC: FNMA) and Federal Home Loan Mortgage corp (otc: fmcc) shares are rocking Thursday after the Treasury Department and the federal housing finance agency.

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Disputed Accounts Follow DU Collection Accounts & Charge-Offs (excluding mortgage related items) 1 95.01% – 97% acceptable on purchase transactions for FTHB at < $484,350, non-occupying coborrowers not allowed, all borrowers must have > 620

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· Deferred student loans don’t necessarily break your chance at mortgage approval. Make sure you shop around with several lenders to see how they will handle your deferred student loans. Fannie Mae has their guidelines, which are somewhat flexible, but some lenders prefer to use only the maximum student loan payment for DTI calculation.

 · Fannie Mae Clarifies and Updates Underwriting Guidelines by Sarah Lagattolla use the account for reserves. Director, Credit Risk Fannie Mae Mae has just issued an update to the Selling Guide (SEL-2011-04) that affect underwriting of loans as follows: Deferred Student Loans payments for deferred student loans in the DTI,